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Special Accommodations
Medical concerns shouldn't limit your freedom to travel.  If you need special treatments such as dialysis, or have limited mobility, we can help. We have many deluxe sea cruises and coastal cruises that can accommodate your specific needs.

Traveling as a large family, or with children can be a great way to make memories.  We have some great programs that are appealing to everyone and affordable!  Let us help you make your next family vacation special!  

Dialysis Cruises

Don’t let dialysis treatments stop you from traveling the world and embarking on your dream vacation.  We have many cruises that provide dialysis services and will offer state of the art dialysis equipment and trained professionals, including a physician,  to treat you.  These services will let you leave behind any worries or notions that your vacations must be short or complicated.  If you, or your traveling companion, are in need of dialysis, this is a great solution.

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Limited Mobility

Mobility restrictions can be a daunting concern for many people.  However, we have many ships that are well equipped with elevators and handicapped accessible cabins.  Depending on your particular needs and where you’re interested in traveling, we can find the perfect cruise for you!

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