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Colon to Puerto Caldera

December 22nd 2017 to January 4th 2018

Voyage SC – 1743


22. Dec 2017 Colon (Panama)   23:00
  Since 1914, the Panama Canal has linked the Atlantic to the Pacific. This technological marvel of locks and canals also comprises two artificial lakes. The Gatúnsee, one of the world’s largest dammed lakes, has now regained a unique range of flora and fauna. In fact, nature has reclaimed the lake for itself, with the rainforest sprawling over its banks. The former hills are now islands on which an astonishing variety of species has formed, due to its isolation. The largest island, Barro Colorado, is completely untouched and has been a nature reserve since 1923. Scientists from all over the world come here to try and discover the jungle’s last secrets.    
23. Dec 2017 Transit Panama Canal (Panama) 06:00 18:00
  The idea of connecting the Atlantic and Pacific at the narrowest part of Central America has been around for many hundreds of years, but from a technical perspective this tremendous achievement only became possible much later. The French took on the project in 1881, after the successful opening of the Suez Canal in Egypt in 1869. But it would be more than 30 years before the canal was finally completed in 1914. This masterpiece of technology is just under 82 kilometres (50 miles) long, has 12 lock basins and negotiates a difference in altitude of 26 metres (85 foot). The Panama Canal is one of the world’s most important waterways and most spectacular ship canal.    
24. Dec 2017 Islas de las Perlas (Panama) 08:00 14:00
  The name of this Pacific archipelago in the Gulf of Panama pre-dates the Spanish conquest to a time when its inhabitants were pearl fishermen and traded in beautiful oyster pearls. Where in previous centuries, pirates and buccaneers hid out and buried their loot, other treasures can now be found. Over 200 pearl islands, of which even the smallest are inhabited, form an almost undisturbed paradise with a diverse range of lakes and rivers, enchanting white coral beaches, golden sandy beaches and black volcanic beaches, rounded off with lush green tropical vegetation. The island of Contadora has special significance as the place where U.S. President Jimmy Carter signed the Panama Canal Treaty in 1977, ceding sovereign rights over the Panama Canal to the Republic of Panama.    
25. Dec 2017 At Sea    
26. Dec 2017 Isla Coiba/Coiba National Park (Panama) 08:00 14:00
  The Coiba National Park covers the island of Coiba, the largest in the country, and 38 other smaller tiny islets. It is one of the world’s largest marine national parks and is protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Because the island broke off from the mainland around 15,000 years ago, a unique range of flora and fauna and an extraordinary variety of species are preserved here. Beautiful deserted beaches nestle up to the delightful turquoise sea.    
27. Dec 2017 Golfito (Costa Rica) 11:00 12:00
27. Dec 2017 Anchorage Casa Orqideas (Costa Rica) 14:00 18:00
28. Dec 2017 Playa San Josecito/Punta Marenco (Drake Bay) (Costa Rica) 06:00 14:00
  One of the oldest rainforests in Costa Rica is on the Osa Peninsula in the Pacific Ocean. The impenetrable Corcovado National Park is home to jaguars, tapirs, pumas, ocelots, anteaters and around 400 species of bird. Some trees grow to 80 metres (262 foot) in height with trunks that are three-metres (10 foot) thick. The time of explorers seeking the legendary gold of Eldorado in the untouched rainforest is over; today the many rare animal and plant species are the real treasure.    
29. Dec 2017 Quepos (Costa Rica) 06:00 14:00
  Quepos was a lively little port at the time of booming banana exports. Today it is a gateway to the Manuel Antonio National Park, which lies to the south. The park covers an area of just 683 hectares and is one of the most diverse rainforests in Costa Rica. Paths lead you from the beautiful sandy beach straight to the heart of this untamed green kingdom. More than 1,000 varieties of plant and prolific wildlife, including whole herds of inquisitive apes, sloths, coatis and raccoons, iguanas, many species of bird, and unique colourful butterflies have made this place their home.    
30. Dec 2017 At Sea    
31. Dec 2017 San Juan del Sur (Nicaragua) 08:00  
  The beautiful colonial city of Granada lies at the foot of the Mombacho volcano and on the western bank of Lake Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central America with its own archipelago of around 300 islands. The country’s oldest town, it was founded by the Spanish in 1524. It was often attacked by pirates in colonial times due to its growing wealth as one of the most important trading places. This important historic legacy has received special protection, and the place is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The old city around the Parque Centrale is a magnificently restored treasure with its splendid Spanish facades, Cathedral and monasteries.    
01. Jan 2018 San Juan del Sur (Nicaragua)   06:00
01. Jan 2018 Playas del Coco (Costa Rica) 17:00  
  At the weekends, the beaches of Playas del Coco are likely to be populated with young Ticos hoping to swim and catch some sun. Take a river trip through the jungle areas, rice fields and sugar cane plantations and discover animals that are native to the shores of the Rio Corobici. The Palo Verde National Park stretches along one bank of the Rio Tempisque. It features the densest population of water fowl in the whole of Costa Rica and is one of the best areas for bird watching in Central America – almost 300 species of bird have been identified here. The best vantage point to see them is on a boat trip through the mangroves.    
02. Jan 2018 Playas del Coco (Costa Rica)   14:00
03. Jan 2018 Islas Tortugas (Costa Rica) 09:00 23:59
  Isla Tortuga is on the Gulf of Nicoya on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. It actually consists of two islands – Isla Tolinga and Isla Alcatraz, with the latter known as Tortuga. The turquoise ocean, blue sky, deep green palms and white sandy beaches make “turtle island” a heavenly place to stop for a swim and its many fishes make it a colourful place for snorkelling.    
04. Jan 2018 Puerto Caldera (Costa Rica) 04:00  
  In gaining its independence, San Jose very quickly transformed from a mountain village into the busy modern capital city of a young, optimistic country. In the Central Valley, Costa Rica’s fertile central plateau surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, the natural riches have a particularly aromatic name – coffee. This barren volcanic landscape with deep crater lakes, steaming witches’ cauldrons and blue lagoons presents quite a different picture from the rest of the country’s tropical colours. Around 100 kilometres (62 miles) to the west of San Jose lies the Pacific port of Puerto Caldera.    

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