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Willemstad to Colon

December 15th to December 22nd 2017

Voyage SC – 1742


15. Dec 2017 Willemstad/Curacao (Netherlands Antilles)   18:00
  Curaçao, alphabetically the last of the ABC, is the largest in the Netherlands Antilles in terms of land area. The neat capital, Willemstad, a trading post for the Dutch West India Company in the 17th century, with its well preserved colonial architecture, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The picturesque location of the wide harbour canal, boulevards with beautifully restored facades and colourful, typically Dutch gabled houses make Willemstad a lively “Little Amsterdam”, in the bright Caribbean light, beneath palm trees, with azure bays and pearl-white beaches.    
16. Dec 2017 Kralendijk/Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles) 08:00 13:00
  The second largest island in the ABC islands, which forms part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is an idyllic natural paradise with many different faces. In the hilly northern region, lush tropical greenery prevails and in the some areas have a desert-like character with cactuses as high as trees and natural salt lakes that attract whole flocks of pink flamingos. The island also gleams with rugged rocky cliffs, mangrove forests, several small bays, endless sandy beaches and a long offshore coral reef.    
17. Dec 2017 Oranjestad/Aruba (Netherlands Antilles) 08:00 13:00
  Aruba, the most westerly island in the Netherlands Antilles, is also the last in the arc of the Antilles before you reach the South American mainland. Its capital, Oranjestad, founded in 1796, shows that everything here is a bit different. Caribbean pastel-coloured houses and Delft tiles, carved wooden doors and Dutch gables, all-around balconies and colonial galleries. All of these features combine to create a style which can only have one name – Aruban. Aruba also offers a distinctive natural landscape, with an inland desert, extensive sand dunes, oddly formed cliffs, impressive cactus forests, strangely shaped divi-divi trees and countless aloe plants.    
18. Dec 2017 At Sea    
19. Dec 2017 Cartagena/Colombia (Colombia) 14:00 23:59
  Cartagena was once the richest city in the New World and a popular target for pirate attacks, since a large part of the Spanish treasure was stored there. Sir Francis Drake also instilled terror into the Spanish city. After Drake’s invasion, the city was fortified with an 11-kilometre (7 miles)-long rampart and the immense San Felipe fortifications. Today Cartagena is one of the most beautiful colonial cities on the American continent and is protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.    
20. Dec 2017 At Sea    
21. Dec 2017 Porvenir/San Blas Islands (Panama) 08:00 13:30
22. Dec 2017 Colon (Panama) 08:00  
  Since 1914, the Panama Canal has linked the Atlantic to the Pacific. This technological marvel of locks and canals also comprises two artificial lakes. The Gatúnsee, one of the world’s largest dammed lakes, has now regained a unique range of flora and fauna. In fact, nature has reclaimed the lake for itself, with the rainforest sprawling over its banks. The former hills are now islands on which an astonishing variety of species has formed, due to its isolation. The largest island, Barro Colorado, is completely untouched and has been a nature reserve since 1923. Scientists from all over the world come here to try and discover the jungle’s last secrets.

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Guaranteed double cabin* US $ 3,595
5 Upper-/lower-bed cabin  US $ 3.995
4 Twin-bed cabin  US $ 4,495
3 Twin-bed cabin  US $ 5,395
2 Twin-bed cabin  US $ 5,855
1 Double-bed cabin  US $ 5,995
C De luxe outside cabin  US $ 7,255
B De luxe original cabin  US $ 8,155
A Luxury owner’s cabin  US $ 8,995
Guaranteed single cabin*  US $ 5,255

Single surcharge: Category 1-5: 50% ; Category A, B & C: 100% *Limited number of guaranteed cabins; allocation starts with Cat. 5 These rates are in US dollars and are per person (sharing twin). Excludes transfers, shore excursions, gratuities, and insurance.


Special Offers: 

Combination Discount: When you combine two or more consecutive cruises, you will receive a 10% discount on the lower-priced cruises (cruise-only rates). 

Bring a Friend: Encourage your friends to take a cruise in 2018. For a new booking of an additional cabin on the same cruise, you and your friends will receive a one-time on-board credit of € 250 per cabin.

Included Services:

  • Your sailing cruise in the booked cabin category.
  • As a special welcome, a bottle of champagne awaits you in your cabin.
  • A daily, freshly filled fruit basket in your cabin and in the lounge.
  • All meals on board.
  • All soft drinks as well as tea and coffee specialities.
  • High-quality wines, which have been selected to compliment meals, as well as beer are included at lunch time and with the evening meal.
  • English-speaking on-board tour guide.